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Morning and Afternoon Traffic Reminders

We have had a great first week here at LILA! We hope you and your students are all adjusting to the new schedules and routines. Here are a few pertinent school reminders to keep this positive trend going along:



  • Morning traffic has been moving along very well!  Please consider arriving early to relieve car congestion just before our 7:50am start time. School doors open at 7:15am, and students may go to their classrooms at 7:25am.

  • Families using the morning church lot option: please do your part to help traffic and students move quickly and carefully. Students may walk independently to the school doors if they are able to do so responsibly, otherwise they will need to be accompanied by a parent.



  • Afternoon pick-up at the church lot should also move along quickly. As much as we value building community at LILA, we ask that you pick up your child(ren) and exit the lot as soon as possible to avoid traffic congestion and to thin the crowd of people at the east end of the property. Doing so will help to keep all students on-task and safe as they watch for their family members.

  • Walkers who need to cross 11th Ave. should do so at the crosswalk, where the flashing lights and crossing guard can assist in keeping everyone safe. Along with your signature on the walking form comes the responsibility to teach your child(ren) the best path home. Please make sure it is understood what is safe and acceptable. REMINDER: RIDING THE BUS IS THE SAFEST WAY HOME.

  • We ask that, as the temperature allows, you keep any pets inside vehicles. Animals can be quite distracting for students and make managing student safety difficult for staff.



  • 5th grade students may wait for their rides in the annex parking lot if they have a signed form. Younger siblings, however, may not cross to the annex lot, and should instead wait at the church lot with the 5th grade sibling.



Thank you for making our first week a success!  

Archery Club Registration For Grades 4-12 Opens

Join Archery Club for grades 4-12. Meet Fridays at the Lower School gym at the Main Campus from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., Sept. 23 to Dec. 16 (no class on 10/21 and 11/25). Cost is $50.

Note: This popular club has limited enrollment and usually fills by lottery.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to apply today! Deadline is Friday, Sept. 16.

Lower School Parent Letter

August 2016

Greetings Lakes International Lower School Parents,

What an exciting time for students to be part of LILA! We recently hosted Camp Dragon with students and staff from China attending camp with LILA students. We also wrapped up Camp del Sol and Camp Taiyang last week, with lots of learning, fun, and friendship all around! Looking forward to the school year, preparations are in full swing! Renovation on the LILA Annex is on schedule, and will be ready for our Kinder Prep students and our fifth-grade Spanish immersion classes by the start of school. Classes have been created, with much input, thought, and care at the Lower School, and the Upper School is finishing up student schedules, with about 35 students registered for our inaugural high school grades….and about 250 students right behind them in grades 6, 7, and 8.

New Parent Communication Tool
To help improve school-family communication, we are switching to a new Student Information System, called Infinite Campus. (We have discontinued use of TIES SchoolView.) With Infinite Campus, you should notice an easier time logging in, updating phones, emails, and addresses, and accessing report cards. In addition, this system has its own parent “Messenger” system, so if you keep your email address updated in the main system, it automatically updates in the message system. It’s the best way to ensure you will receive notices of snow days or other vital and time-sensitive announcements. The system also allows parents to select how you receive messages from the school, by type. For example, you can opt to receive weather-related messages (e.g., school is dismissing two hours early due to weather) on your mobile, work, and home phones and all email addresses. But you may want to receive general messages (e.g., PTO meeting notices) only by text and email. With Infinite Campus, it’s your choice!

Welcome Conferences August 25 or August 31
New teachers arrived on August 15, and returning teachers followed on August 22. All are excited to see you at Welcome Conferences on August 25 or August 31. Please note: Conferences are scheduled before and after yours, so we ask that you arrive promptly. Call or email the front desk (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you need to reschedule. We encourage you to bring your child’s school supplies and pick up bus name tags for younger students during Welcome Conferences. Also, please address any required paperwork, as listed on the following page.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children back to Lakes International this fall!


Cam Hedlund                                     Shannon Peterson      
LILA Executive Director                      LILA Director                                                          

Start of School Year LILA Lower School Parent To Do List:


• Bookmark the parent portal for future reference:  (Also available on the school website:

• Update your contact information, if necessary, by clicking on the HOUSEHOLD INFORMATION tab to update your details.

• Set your contact preferences by clicking on the CONTACT PREFERENCES link. As you decide how you would like to receive each kind of message, use this guide:

        Emergency: for school closures, etc. (Please check all forms of message receipt; this message type will be used very rarely.)

        Attendance: to learn about your child’s unexcused absences from school, on the day of the absence.

        Behavior: this notification system will not be used this year at Lower School.

        General Notification: reminders about school-wide activities, the weekly LILA Update, etc.

        Priority Notification: non-emergency health or time-sensitive communication.

        Teacher: for weekly newsletters and updates from your child’s teacher.

• Designate your emergency contacts for each of your LILA students. (For those with more than one child at LILA, first, select a student at the top.) Click on the DEMOGRAPHICS tab, then select the “Add Contact” button to add the names of any close friends or family members you would allow to pick your child up from school, for example, in the case of illness. Please designate the order in which you’d like them to be contacted (for example, in case of illness with no parents answering calls) by designating a “contact order” as you enter the contact info. This must be done for each child attending LILA.


• Click on the SCHEDULE tab to find your child’s teacher’s name and read the introduction letter. (If you have multiple LILA student, "Select A Student" at the top of the page first.)

• In August, sign up for a Welcome Conference time for your K-5 student(s).

• Complete a Caring School Climate Survey for each child returning to LILA; the survey is about the 2015-16 school year.


• Complete necessary Student Transportation documents:

Complete a walking/biking permission form (grades 3 – 5 only) if you want your child to be allowed to bike or walk home from the Main Campus or LILA Annex building.

Complete a bus change form “Change in Student Pick-Up/Take-Home” if your child takes the bus but is not (or not always) picked up/dropped off at home. Due 8/15; must be completed annually.

Complete a Method of Pick-Up Form if your child is new to LILA or if you are changing your after school pick-up method this year.

Complete a Student Bus Enrollment Form if your child is new and you live within District 831 boundaries.

• Complete any necessary Health forms:

Complete a Health Information Form if your child is new to LILA of if there have been any changes in your child’s health status since last August.. (Note: students entering Kinder and 7th grade are due for vaccinations before school starts.)

Complete an Authorization to administer medication (must be completed annually).

• Complete School Breakfast and Lunch forms:

Please register for School Free & Reduced Lunch if your family could be economically eligible. Unlike past generations, today other students and staff cannot see if a child receives free or reduced lunch as he/she goes through the lunch line at school; students simply punch in their number like everyone else. Yet, the reduced price can help your family, and knowing the true number of eligible families could help LILA by giving us access to additional grants and revenue streams, too.

Register for PayPams to pay online for School Breakfast and Lunch.

• Complete a Volunteer Background Check Form for school or field trip volunteers; required every 3 years.


Download the Infinite Campus Mobile App on your phone, for even easier access! Our Infinite Campus district ID is: VBLNGT.


If you want to keep your Pre-K-5 child’s photo from being publsihed this year (e.g., submitted to newspapers, used in LILA brochures or ads), please send a written message titled DO NOT USE PHOTO with your child’s name, grade, and teacher to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you want to “opt out” of the LILA Phone Directory, a document shared only with other LILA families, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know that you would like your address, phone, and/or email excluded from the directory. Note: your child’s name will still be included in the directory, as part of a classroom list, to help with holiday greetings, party invitations, student counts for snack purposes, and other simple needs parents have throughout the year.

Check out Explorer Club for grades K-5 to register for before- and after-school child care.


LILA Wins 5 Readers' Choice Categories

The Forest Lake Times announced its 2016 Readers' Choice Awards, and LILA won by popular vote in five categories:

  • Best Public School
  • Best Principal: Cam Hedlund
  • Best Tutoring Program
  • Best Teacher: Erin Voss
  • Best Summer Camp

We're especially honored to have one of our teachers selected as the very best of the best in the Forest Lake area. WOW! Thank you to everyone who voted!