Registration Steps


Fall Athletics/Activities registration will begin August 6th, 2018. Before students can start practice for a sport, they must have completed registration and payment on FeePay, have a current sports physical on file (good for three years), and turned in all uniforms/equipment from previous seasons. Students do not need a sports physical for activities/clubs.


For the JV/Varsity level teams (9th-12th or 7th-12th based on ability), students may not play on any other teams for that sport during that season. For example, if they play on the Lakes United soccer club team during the fall, they can’t play on the JV/Varsity level soccer teams or vice versa. Students can play off-season on the club teams, but not during the actual season. For example, they could play LILA fall high school soccer and club spring, summer, and winter soccer.

For the middle school teams (strictly 6th-8th non JV/Varsity), they are able to do both at the same time.


To participate, each student will need to register and pay on FeePay. Make sure to upload a current sports physical on file (they are good for three years; if one is already uploaded and valid, no other action is required).
No outstanding activity/athletics payments or equipment/uniforms not returned from previous seasons
Any equipment/gear as requested by your coach

Upper School Activities Questions?

Please contact Jenni Muras at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 651-464-8989. Lower School Activities Questions? Please contact Laine Krohnke or call 651-464-0771.