Boys' Basketball - Middle School

Grades 6-8 (Co-op with North Lakes Academy)

Any experience level welcome. 8th-graders may try out to play on the high school team. Nobody will be cut completely from either team.

Try-outs will be held this Friday, November, 2017 in the Headwaters Campus gym.
2:30-3:00 - All 9th graders tryout (all 9th graders will make the team but coaches would like to get a gauge on abilities)
3:00-3:30 - 8th graders trying out to play up

Middle school coach: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Students will participate on a competitive basketball team where they will learn the rules of the game as well the skills associated with basketball. The athletes will work together to create an atmosphere that will promote dedication, persistence, trust and hard work that will be the driving force to establishing a successful team, on and off the court.

Practices & Games

Practices will be in the Headwaters Campus gym; Home games will be at LILA Headwaters or Main Campus and away games will be at other schools
Start date: The boys’ middle school season starts Tuesday, January 9, 2018
For 8th graders who move up, the high school basketball season starts Monday, November 20, 2017

Tuesday-Friday (practices may alternate each week between early and late; practices will either be 2:30-4:00 or 4:00-5:30 depending on which team and week)

To Join

Register on RSchool Today. Pay registration fee through FeePay. Make sure you have a current physical on file (good for 3 years).

Costs: Middle school (6th-8th grade): $180 / High school (9th-12th grade, some 8th graders depending on ability): $210
Note: 8th graders interested in trying out to play up on the high school team should pay the middle school basketball fee ($180) on FeePay. If you make the high schoool team, a check can be written for the additional cost.