Why Choose LILA?

Since 2004, parents have chosen Lakes International Language Academy to help guide their children toward becoming responsible, caring, informed, curious, and engaged global citizens. LILA students gain the knowledge and good study habits that come from the rigorous International Baccalaureate program as they develop literacy and proficiency in their second (or third) language and English.

Lower School (grades K-5) students choose a full language immersion program in either Mandarin Chinese or Spanish; Upper School (grades 6 and up) may choose immersion or Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or French. Along the way, LILA students learn to appreciate the world and its many cultures as they progress through the International Baccalaureate curriculum. They’re ready for greater challenges in their academic journey and beyond.

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Immersion education for language learning begins in kindergarten at LILA. Compared to their monolingual peers, immersion students typically:

  • Score as well or better on standardized tests such as the MCAs
  • Build larger vocabularies and improve understanding of English grammar
  • Show more creativity and flexible thinking
  • Become better problem solvers
  • Gain stronger listening and communication skills

They’re also jump-starting their college language requirements and enhancing their job marketability.

At the Upper School, previous immersion students may continue immersion studies in their target language and even expand to a third language; students new to learning a second language will benefit from LILA's extensive expertise in world language instruction and experience an encouraging environment for using target languages.

In addition, LILA has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, to use its world-renowned educational programs: Primary Years Programme (PreK-5), Middle Years Programme (6-10), and Diploma Programme (11-12). Students may opt to take DP exams, which some colleges and universities accept for credit.

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All of this, and there is no tuition for LILA’s world-class, public school education!

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