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School Plans / Procedures / Policies

The LILA Board of Directors has developed, reviewed, and approved academic plans and policies for the safe, efficient, and fair operation of the school. These documents are periodically reviewed and updated as necessary.

Plans & Procedures

Bloodborne Pathogen Program
Employee Right to Know Program
2017 Annual Report and World's Best Workforce Report
World's Best Workforce Plan
World's Best Workforce Annual Meeting - MDE
Local Literacy Plan (PDF)


School Board

102: Drug Free Workplace
104: Gifts to Employees
106: Speakers
108: Fixed Assets
110: Internal Control
114: General Accounting Principles
116: Depository and Electronic Transfers Authority
118: Valuation of Contributed Capital Assets
120: Sale, Theft, or Damage of Fixed Assets
122: Student Enrollment
124: School Director Succession
126: Public School Fees
128: Fund Balances
130: Document Retention and Destruction
132: Data Practices - Requesting Public Information
134: Data Practices - Requesting Student Information
136: Consent Agenda
138: Code of Ethics for Board Members
140: Investments and Deposits
142: Early Entrance Procedures for Kindergarten and First Grade


202: Discipline of School District Employees
204: Background Checks
205: Employee Disability Nondiscrimination 504 Plan
206: Employee Publications
208: Employee Right to Know - Hazardous Substances
210: Equal Employment Opportunity
212: Family and Medical Leave
214: Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse
216: Multicultural, Gender-Fair, Disability
218: Public and Private Data
220: Purchasing Guide
222: Subpoena of a School Employee
224: Expense Reimbursement
226: Employee Policies
228: Credit Card User
230: Whistleblower Protection
232: Conflict of Interest
234: Employee Computer Use
236: Anti-Nepotism
238: Federal Procurement
240: National Emergency Sick Leave Donation


302: Anti-Bullying
304: Chemical Use and Abuse
306: Student Disability Nondiscrimination Under Section 504
308: Student Discipline
310: Equal Educational Opportunity
312: Harassment and Violence
314: Hazing Prohibition
316: Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
318: Interrogation of Students by Non-School Personnel
320: Weapons
322: Search of Student Lockers
324: Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment
326: Students and Employees with Infectious Diseases
328: Transportation of Pupils
330: Use of Student Data
332: Student Attendance
334: Pledge of Allegiance
336: Inclusive Education Plan
338: Wellness
340: Field Trips
342: Student Participation in Academic Competitions
344: Administering Medication
346: After-School Dismissal
348: Student Organizations
350: Graduation Requirements
352: Credit for Learning Credit for Learning
354: Service Animal Policy
356: Academic Recognition Policy
358: Dress Code Policy


402: Controversial Issues


502: School Visitors
504: Distribution of Non-School Literature
506: Community Use of Facilities
508: Out of State Students
510: Media Acquisition


Lakes International Language Academy Bylaws