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Dragons Forever – LILA Alumni Association

Jackson Turner, Class of '21
LILA Alumni Association Chair

LILA has built my value for a strong community. I care about having a community where I can trust people and count on them when I need them. It is important to me to be there for the people in my community no matter what. 
                 - Jackson Turner ‘21

The purpose of the LILA Alumni Association's is to:    

  • Champion a life-long relationship between LILA and its alumni.   

  • Recruit alumni to actively promote LILA and showcase the Alumni Association as an essential partner of the LILA community. 

  • Provide opportunities for alumni to give back to LILA. 
  • Keep alumni up-to-date on LILA and alumni related news and events.  

Now is a great time to get involved! 

Jackson Turner, Alumni Association Chair
(651) 955-5347
Instagram: Jturner1030

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