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LILA Advocates: Creating a Brighter Future

What Are Advocates? 


They are our most trusted and loyal 'fans.' They are willing to share their perspective and experiences in a variety of formal and informal settings. They bring varied interests, skills, and passion to the table, and a willingness to share their time and talent. Most importantly, they possess a strong desire to help LILA succeed.

You can decide how much time you're able to give. You can also choose HOW you'd like to be involved. Some Advocates are ALL IN, participating on both the Legislative and General teams. Some are able to attend meetings, and some stay informed through email. Some actively lead and organize, some assume more of a support role. No matter the level of involvement, the opportunity to make an impact and create a brighter future for LILA is significant. 

LEGISLATIVE ADVOCATES partner with school administration to seek equitable funding by: 

  • Learning how charter schools are funded.
  • Educating and engaging others on funding inequities and their impact.
  • Developing relationships with their legislators and other important elected officials.
  • Connecting with their legislators at key times - via email or face-to-face meeting.
  • Attending Minnesota Association of Charter Schools Day at the Capitol in the spring. 
  • Organizing outreach events for parents, legislators, or others.
  • Insisting THEIR tax dollars benefit their children and their children's school. 

GENERAL ADVOCATES help to recruit new families by:  

  • Sharing their experiences family-to-family, on social media, or at activities or events.
  • Spreading the word to neighbors, family, friends, and others - every chance they get!
  • Assisting with planning and staffing of community outreach events.
  • Reviewing LILA on Niche, Google, Yelp, etc. and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Helping new families feel connected to our awesome community. 
  • Being an informal member of the marketing team – our best marketing tool is YOU!  

Learn More About Our Funding Issues & Legislative Advocacy

I had the honor and privilege of working for LILA for seven years as a math teacher. Throughout that time, I formed great relationships with staff, students, and the community. Each year, in addition to teaching, I was taking every opportunity to supplement my income to provide for my family. After my sixth year of teaching, we were blessed with a second child. Even with my wife's full-time nursing income, I knew my seventh year would have to be my last. I had to make the difficult decision to go to a larger district school to afford daycare. I am proud to have served the LILA community, and wish that charter schools were better funded so they can keep staff that want to stay but need the added income.

- Michael McNaughton