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Host a Language Ambassador

Language Ambassadors Enrich the Learning Experience

Language ambassadors are a vital part of our language immersion program at LILA. They are interns from Spanish- and Chinese-speaking countries who assist our teachers in the classroom, and provide language and culture models for our students. They are considered teaching assistants, and they help maintain a low student to teacher ratio at LILA. They work with individual students, small groups, or supervise activities of the large group, allowing the teacher to give more attention to students who need more help or more challenge. Ambassadors are are typically assigned to Lower School classrooms, but they may assist on occasion at Upper School.

Language ambassadors bring their own languages and cultures to life by engaging and motivating students, leaving them with new confidence in their ability to communicate across borders. Having ambassadors in the classrooms also gives students the opportunity to hear authentic target-language conversation between the ambassador and the teacher, rather than only between learners or between the teacher and students. It's a proven program for enhancing the educational experiences of LILA students and staff, the host families, and the language ambassadors.

Hosting a Language Ambassador

Host families come in all shapes and sizes. They serve as a language ambassador’s substitute family for half the school year. They provide room and board - a private bedroom, shared bathroom, and meals - and are encouraged to involve ambassadors in social, cultural or family events. Host families are not required to cover any other expenses - ambassadors bring their own spending money. They provide care, moral support, and basic needs to a language ambassador as if they were a member of the family. Host families also provide transportation to and from LILA each day. Transportation assistance can sometimes be arranged if this is a barrier to hosting. Host families receive a $1,000 stipend at the end of their hosting period. We recognize that this stipend will not cover all costs incurred by families in the course of hosting for five months, but we hope that it defrays the cost enough so that more families can participate in hosting. 

Interested in becoming a host family? Fill out the Host Family Application today! 

The Language Ambassadors Program at LILA is supported and funded by the Lakes International PTO, which is funded by parents.