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Why Spanish?

In the United States, approximately 13% of the population or 43 million people speak Spanish as a first language, and that number is growing. Additionally, the U.S. is home to nearly 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers, making it the second-largest Spanish speaking country in the world after Mexico. 1 Spanish is spoken in 44 countries around the world, as indicated on, including the United States and its territory of Puerto Rico. Twenty countries count Spanish as their official language. 

As our children assume the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, knowing how to speak Spanish will help build their cultural understanding, increase business opportunities here and abroad, and enhance interpersonal relationships in day-to-day life.



In 2021, 90% of eligible IB DP students who took the Spanish exam earned the Minnesota Platinum Seal of Biliteracy worth 4 college credits. The other 10% earned  either the Gold Seal or Certificate.