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Homework & Learning Resources


Just as in any school, the parent/guardian role is to help children do their homework by providing a routine for homework time, a quiet place to work, good lighting, and the tools that students need. This role can be fulfilled regardless of the language of the homework or the language parents speak (or don’t speak). Many families are reassured when they learn that most homework in early years is project based. Teachers are very good at communicating, and send an e-mail or newsletter home each week that highlights what students are learning, homework expectations, and what families can do to help. 

Your child is learning math concepts in the target language at school. Homework for grades K-5 is sent home in both the target language and English to help families better understand and support what their child is learning at school. It is important for families to support their child’s ability to recognize and say basic numbers, colors, and shapes in the target language. As concepts become more complex, practicing in English could help introduce terms in English, reinforce concepts, and make it easier for you to support your child at home.

If you notice you or your child becoming frustrated or upset by the homework, take a break and communicate challenges you see with homework to your child’s teacher.  

Learning Resources

LILA wants you to be the best inquirer you can be! Check in with your teacher for ways to practice your learning at home, or try out some of the links below! This list of resources includes both free and subscription-based sites.