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Student Life


LILA welcomes those who want what's best.
For their child.
For their child's future. 

Whose children incessantly ask 'why' and they answer, 'let's find out.' Who resonate with our mission, and are searching for something unique. 



LILA welcomes the dreamers.
The doers.
The thinkers.
The questioners.
The curious ones. 

Students who are not just eager to learn, but who long for something more. Teachers who challenge them. A place that fits. A place to belong. A place to discover who you are, and what moves you toward greater things.  



LILA welcomes the risk-takers.
The artists.
The athletes.
The creative ones. 
The courageous ones.

Students with open minds and open hearts. Who dig deep, and boldly try something new. A new sport. A new activity. Standing up. For a presentation. For someone else. For a cause.    

LILA welcomes those who strive for excellence.
In school and in life.
Those who seek meaning.

Students who care deeply. About each other. The planet. Their neighbor across the street, and people on the other side of the world. 




LILA welcomes those with a vision for their future.
Of what they can achieve.
And how they can be a catalyst for change.

Who think for themselves, think about others, and think beyond today. 






My daughter, Grace, will be attending graduate school in Scotland! This is what LILA has done for her - created an insatiable desire to see the world and to experience what it has to offer. 
                - Nannette LaNasa, Parent